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One day two class-mates met each other by chance after a long time. One was thinner and the other was fatter than they were before.

Fat guy: - You look so thin. What happened to you? Is there a food scarcity in your area?

Thin guy: - Yes, I was looking for the reason of the food shortage. But now I realized that is you.

One day a little boy who hasn’t seen a serpent before sighted a serpent.

Then he showed it to his mother and said “look mother. There goes a tail without a body”

Mr. Peter is always late for office because it is difficult for him to wake up early in the morning.

One day when he was sleeping he became a king in a dream. His wife (the queen) came to serve him something in a glass. Suddenly he fell like he had been wet and he waked up saying “Is this the way you serve something for your husband”. Then he saw his wife with an empty glass at the bed. He get dressed and left for office.

He was the first one who reached the office on that day. So his boss called him and asked amazingly “How did you come today so earlier”.

“Because of my wife’s kingly disserving” he replied.
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Tom had to walk daily about one kilometer for his school. So he always bewailed his father about this.

One day when he was bewailing, his father said “Son, You know, The Abraham Lincoln was your age he walked 12kms daily”

Then his son replied “But father, when he was your age, He was a president.

One day three friends went on a trip. As they were late, they decided to spend their knight in a restaurant. There were mosquitoes in the room in that hotel. But there were only one mosquito net in the room. It was difficult for them to sleep under a single mosquito net. They were disappointed and thinking for an idea.

Then one friend said “hey guys why we don’t collect all the mosquitoes and put them in to the mosquito net. So we can sleep outside”.

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There was a doctor in a mental hospital. One day when he came to see the patients in his ward, he saw a patient was doing something with a knife. As soon as the patient saw the doctor he stood up and came to the doctor with the knife as the doctor is murdered.

The doctor was so frightened that he ran up stairs. Then the mad fellow began to chase the doctor. Doctor ran as much as he can. Finally doctor stopped and turned back. Mad fellow came to him by huffing and puffing. Doctor begged not to do any harm to his life. Then that mad fellow came closer and placed a peace of apple on doctor’s palm saying “I didn’t know it is this difficult to give a peace of apple to a doctor”.

One day two friends were invited for a party in the palace of their country’s king. Both friends went to the party together. While they were enjoying not only the party but also the beauty of the palace, the king invited them for a lunch with him. The table had been set with golden spoons and forks.

The two friends sat with the king and began to have the kingly meal. While having the meal one friend took a golden fork from the table and hid it in his pocket. The other one saw this and he also wanted to have one. But it was a problem for him to sit beside the king.

He addressed the king and said “Your majesty, I know some magic. If you like to see it, I would like to do it for your entertaining”. The king asked him to do it for him. Then he took a golden fork from the table and put it into his pocket saying that “Now I’m going to take this golden fork from my friend’s pocket”. He stood up, stepped to his friend and took the other golden fork from his friend’s pocket.

One day two maths students and two science students of university went out for a seminar.

They decided to go there by train. So science students obtained two tickets for both. But maths students obtained only one ticket. Half way of their journey ticket checkers came at them checking tickets of the rest. Then both maths students went to the toilet and closed the door under the rose. After a little while ticket checkers came to the door and knocked at it asking for ticket. Then one of the two students put his hand out under the door and gave the ticket.

When they came back to university after the seminar maths students obtained one ticket like they did before. But two science students didn’t obtain any. Half way of their journey ticket checkers came like before. Then two maths students went to the toilet and closed the door like they did before. Science students followed them and knocked at the door asking for tickets. Thinking that the checkers have come one of them gave the ticket. Science students got the ticket and entered to the next room.

There was a mother who has got angry with his son because of his carelessness of not cleaning his room. So she advised her son not to step away to play with his friends without cleaning at least a part of his room.

After a little while she saw her son, stepping away to play. She stopped him and asked “how did you cleaned your room so quickly”
“Mom, you asked me to clean at least a part of my room. So I cleaned the upper part” he answered and went away to play

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There was a middle aged man, whose wife was older than he. But he simultaneously loved another woman who was younger than he. As he was a middle aged man his hair was partly gray and partly black.

When he went to his wife who was ashamed to have an older look than his husband, she used to pull out his black hair so that he would get completely gray hair and look older than she.

By the by when he went to the other woman who was younger than he, she was ashamed to have a lover who was much older than she. So she plucked his gray hair so that he would get completely black hair and look younger than he is now.

When this happened for about two years, he lost his hair completely and had got a bold head.

Once a man went to a textile shop and asked for a 120cm jersey.
The salesman humbly expressed “sorry sir, we haven’t got it in our stock but we have 100cm ones. I think it will fit for you because it’s very elastic ”.
Then the man replied “oh it’s very elastic no. I should have thought about that. My little son has got a large one which he can’t ware. I’ll go home and try it out”.